voice of child - What is the role of adults in child sexual harassment?

What is the role of adults in child sexual harassment?

This course deals with sexual harassment education and prevention in early childhood development and is conducted by the founder and director of VOCA, Dr. Ayelet Giladi. Voice Of Child Association invites you to sign up for a course that will not only uncover the roots of sexual harassment but also equip you with the language and tools needed to help children express and protect themselves and others. It is intended for parents and educators in formal and informal settings. Sign up for the course here!

“An adults’ awareness may help the harassed child face the experience and proceed with their lives in a healthy manner after receiving suitable care from those surrounding them. Thus, for instance, if sexual harassment takes place in kindergarten, the teacher should be asked to acknowledge the event in order to prevent future occurrences. When adults take child complaints seriously, harassed children gain the ability to move on with their lives.”

No Children’s Play, Early Childhood Sexual Harassment. Understanding, Coping, and Prevention in the Educational System and Community

Dr. Ayelet Giladi.