Voice of the Child Research in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Educating youth on sexual harassment

Voice of the Child Research in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Voice of the Child Research in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Young Children expanded at the Anglia Ruskin University.

Early years practitioners wanting to transform young lives through innovative, inclusive and entrepreneurial education choose to attend Anglia Ruskin University; following in the footsteps of researcher and consulting educational sociologist Dr Ayelet Giladi, who is now founder and director of the Voice of the Child Association.

Following her research and graduation as alumni of the Anglia Ruskin University, Dr Giladi took her early years research in sexual harassment among young children and headed up the Research Institute for Innovation in Education established in 1968 by the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), USA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Today, Dr Giladi now implements educational prevention programs in early childhood harassment and abuse through her Voice of the Child Association for parents, university training colleges and in schools across the globe.

“I enable young children (from the age of 5) tools to deal with sexual harassment. The intention is to give children the awareness and confidence to say “No!” , to make the child respect and appreciate his body and therefore be aware of the difference between right and wrong, what is a true game and what is harassment, and how to express himself and know with confidence to say what is bad for him.”

Today with sexual bullying and gender power games developing within social dynamics at schools and aftercare facilities, Dr Giladi offers educators and parents the tools to support young children in both their perception of social situations and offer them the tools to negotiation the playground landscape of the varies personalities and gender dynamics which occur during games.

Beyond religious or cultural mores, the Voice of the Child Taking a Stand programs 1 & 2 ground the child and support educators in developing a group interaction and discussion forum where young children can better understand their bodies, theirs and others child rights and learn the tools of respect, dignity and equality.

“The Voice of the Child Association is about helping everyone to achieve their potential. The programs are always innovating to suit the localised educational system wherever the educational facility or school may be situated on the globe. Depending on the age group, whether elementary, primary or high school, we find a core collective of understanding where the individual child is allowed the creativity to develop new ideas along with that of group understanding and how to represent and language their rights,” says Dr Giladi.

Voice of the Child prevention programs are offered for parents, educators and young learners and may be booked at Voice of the Child Association or via direct consultation with Dr Ayelet Giladi of Voice of the Child Association on cayeletgiladi@gmail.com