Voice of child - VOCA and Biosphere education work together to transform Education Address sexual Harassment in classrooms

VOCA and Biosphere education work together to transform Education

Educating learners is a top priority, but the way education should be done is very important too. VOCA and biosphere education transforms the way that students are taught as well as what they are taught, in order to empower and enrich future generations.

Voice of Child and biosphere education joined up to develop and implement programs that focus on preventing sexual harassment amongst children by giving them a safe space to have their voices heard. They are equipping students with the new tools needed to discuss and think about respect, dignity, equality as well as inclusion, and responsibility to young children and up. These programs are built according to the social and emotional development of children.

What is Voice of Child?

Voice of Child Association is a non-profit organization that encourages young people to make their voices heard. Founded in Israel in 2007, Voice of Child noticed that children carried a low status within their families where their thoughts and opinions are usually silenced. VOCA created a platform for young people’s voices to be heard and for adults to listen while providing support. As a result of the evergrowing reach of media, as well as curiosity, sexual harassment amongst children starts from a young age. Voice of Child specializes in developing and implementing programs that focus on preventing sexual harassment amongst children. These programs target children, parents, educators, social workers, and psychologists by giving them the tools to identify, prevent, and cope with these issues that may arise. The prevention programs are able to decrease the level of violence amongst students, and the values of mutual respect and tolerance taught in the program are age-appropriate and can be used in all areas of life.

What is Biosphere Education?

Education transforms lives, which is why biosphere education’s mission is to build peace, eradicate poverty, and drive sustainable development while they inspire the use of the earth’s natural resources and empower individuals to become leaders. Students are taught about sustainability and taking care of nature. Biosphere education takes students into fields so they are able to see the wonder, beauty, and value of our earth’s natural environment. These transformative educational experiences will enhance communication skills and build self-confidence. Education mixed with nature allows students to think differently about their surroundings and fellow pupils. Biosphere education makes children aware that everything they do and the way they live their lives, affects the lives of every other human being, creature, and planet earth.

How does VOCA and Biosphere Education work together?

VOCA believes in the values of respect, pluralism, equality, and democracy. The same core principles that can be found in Biosphere Education. It is about encouraging children to not only respect themselves but their environment and others. VOCA encourages respect to be taught so that children are able to engage with each other in a healthy way, despite their different opinions or cultures, as well as to voice their opinions in a cohesive way towards an agreement that goes hand in hand with Biosphere education. If a child witnesses a company that is starting to build on a green field and disagrees with how this will impact their environment – VOCA encourages and equips the child with information on how to approach the situation in a respectful manner.

Education is a basic human right, but it should be matched with quality.

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