Tortise teaches the animals a lesson in respect

Tortise teaches a lesson about respect

Taking a Stand 5 – 9 is one of the online courses developed by Dr Ayelet Galidi the founder and director of VOCA. This course is the first of its kind and deals with sexual harassment education and prevention in early childhood development. The TAS 5-9 course is specially focused on children of the ages 5 -9 and gives teachers and other professionals working with young children a fun and educational way of dealing with a topic that is not always talked about.

Respect, the Tortise is one of the Take A Stand friends that help a teacher to teach the kids about respect and how to respect others and themselves.

To introduce the course we have a free story and colouring picture to download.

Tortise teach a lesson about respect is a story that teaches children about what respect is and why it is important. You can read the story to your class and provide them with the colouring page and use it as a way to start the conversation about what they understand of respect and how they can show respect to themselves and others.

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