quote - The TAS Program explained - OCT 21

The TAS Program explained

This course deals with sexual harassment education and prevention for children ages 5 – 9 and is conducted by the founder and director of VOCA, Dr. Ayelet Giladi. Voice Of Child Association invites you to sign up for a course that will not only uncover the roots of sexual harassment but also equip you with the language and tools needed to help children express and protect themselves and others. It is intended for parents and educators in formal and informal settings. Sign up for the course here!

The TAS program creates a new reality for children and adults, both in theory and in practice, in-class and outside in the real world. The time has come we stop closing our eyes to the gruesome reality; a news segment or short mention during class is no longer sufficient. We must embrace guidance, understand our rights and responsibilities over our bodies, learn to respect our peers and say NO to sexual harassment.

No Children’s Play, Early Childhood Sexual Harassment. Understanding, Coping and Prevention in the Educational System and Community

Dr. Ayelet Giladi.