Teaching our kids about respect, and provide tools to protect them from sexual harassment.

In this webinar series with the Global Childhood Academy, Dr. Ayelet Giladi discusses the methods and programs of her ideas. She shares a video that expresses this point and responds to questions posed by the online audience.

The global non-profit organization, Voice of Child, educates and equips children from 5 to16 years old with the tools to protect themselves against violence and sexual harassment. The organization developed several programs – to prevent violence, by building emotional and social skills.

Teaching them how to protect themselves through play, with concepts developed by Dr. Ayelet Giladi. The programs are designed to help young children to understand themselves as well as their rights.
Dr. Ayelet calls on teachers, social workers, and foreign policymakers to celebrate our future leaders. To grant them their right to respect and enable them to share their emotions.