Voice of child - Taking a Stand Big Time with VOCA E-learning

Taking a Stand Big Time with VOCA E-learning

Understanding the roots of sexual harassment and the methods used to prevent it in early childhood development is vital in taking the crucial steps to help children better understand sexuality, as well as empower them with the proper toolsets.

Voice of Child Association has created a first of its kind online course to help academics, teachers, learning facilitators, and parents better understand sexual harassment and prevention amongst younger children from the age of 8 years old and up.

How does it work?

This online course has 8 videos in the form of presentations, so you will be able to take the classes at your own time and in your own home. This allows you to rewatch videos and go through lessons so you can grasp each topic with a better understanding. Courses taught online provides you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and wherever you please.

Take a stand big time!

Dr. Ayelet Giladi, founder and director of VOCA, has created a course consisting of 8 lessons that will unwrap and look at sexual harassment education and prevention in early childhood. These 8 lessons will cover topics such as respect, equality, power, and building a personal safety plan. It will look at how the media portrays sexual stereotypes and messages which affect children from a young age. These lessons will help you analyze and understand the roots of sexual harassment which identifies the crossing over of innocent child’s play to sexually harassing behavior and provides the tools needed to identify, prevent, and cope with these issues that may arise.

Why is this important?

VOCA course helps academics, teachers, learning facilitators, and parents uncover the roots of sexual harassment and how to prevent it from an early stage in childhood development. VOCA presentation programs target the prevention of sexual harassment and abuse through two levels. Firstly, through teacher training which will help support, educate, and uplift developing rural communities, and secondly as a way of research sharing, greater understanding, and future learning about early childhood development.

It is society’s responsibility to make sure that we prevent sexual harassment while children are young to prevent similar behavior in the future which could cause greater damage. These prevention lessons will help decrease the level of violence amongst children, and instead, educate them on the values of mutual respect and tolerance in an age-appropriate way that can be used in all areas of life.

Educate yourself on the prevention of sexual harassment amongst children to help create an empowered future generation.

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