New VOCA partnership to improve education globally Children and adult holding hands

New VOCA partnership to improve education globally

Dr Ayelet Giladi is excited to announce that Voice Of Child Association (VOCA) is now partnered with Childhood Education International (CEI) around the Taking A Stand (TAS) program. On completion, participants will be awarded certificates from CEI and VOCA. Dr Ayelet will be acting as the CEI country leader for Israel. 

Childhood Education International

CEI has been ensuring children’s access to quality education since 1892. Together with their collaborators, CEI provides innovative solutions that enhance learning and development for all children. They collaborate with various entities including teachers, leaders, health professionals, government agencies, and many others. Through this partnership, VOCA is now part of this process.

CEI’s vision is to elevate education and learning on a global scale. They are guided by their 10 universal beliefs about education and therefore believe that learning is the foundation of all aspects in human development. Furthermore, CEI believes that children are at the center of that development, and that is where they place their focus. The goal is to elevate education through transformative leadership, innovation in education and integration of education and health/wellbeing. 

The partnership

CEI will be working closely with Dr Ayelet to get VOCA’s training programs implemented globally. CEI has granted Recognition of Professional Development Quality to VOCA’s program TAS: Helping Children Use Critical Thinking to Prevent Violence and Sexual Abuse. The TAS 5-9 course has been successfully endorsed by CEI as well. South Africa is one of the first countries that will be part of this global implementation of VOCA’s training.

Taking a stand 5-9

Taking a Stand 5-9 is a course conducted by Dr Ayelet. First of its kind, this course deals with sexual harassment education and prevention in early childhood development.  A key innovation of TAS is the use of cartoon animals to help identify and communicate the values of Respect, Dignity and Equality. The turtle is associated with respect, the snail with dignity and the frog with equality. These characters are valuable tools that can be added to the educators toolkit as a fun and safe way to teach these values to children.

This TAS 5-9 course is part of VOCA’s TAS program, which aims to train school staff and interested parents in order to create a safe environment for children to learn about sexual harassment. The ultimate goal of the TAS 5-9 program is the prevention of violence and a focus on sexual harassment. The Israeli Ministry of Education has approved this unique program and those who complete it will receive a certificate endorsed by CEI.

Dr. Ayelet and VOCA’s partnership with CEI will further the vision of bringing quality education to children all over the world. VOCA is excited by the prospects of this partnership and its potential to achieve great things. Learn more about Childhood Education International and VOCA’s Taking a Stand 5-9 course.