Voice of child - Invite an Expert Speaker on Childhood Sexual Harassment Prevention

Invite an Expert Speaker on Childhood Sexual Harassment Prevention

World renowned expert speaker on sexual violence and the #MeToo Movement, Dr Ayelet Giladi of Voice of the Child Association tours globally bringing her first-of-its-kind research on how and where sexual harassment starts, and the tools needed for its prevention.

“How do you guard yourself against something you don’t even know is happening? The answer is through knowledge-gain and greater understanding. This is what prevention looks like,” says Dr Giladi.

“Right now 1 in every 5th child is being sexually harassed and we don’t know it is even taking place. One day that victim and their young perpetrator will be adults enacting the same behaviors in the workplace. When we build the individual, especially in early childhood where our cognitive abilities are forming, we build a better workplace and a better society for life into the future,” says Giladi.

“But we are also never too old to learn new things taking place currently in the society within which we live and move. As parents and educators, we need to stay agile, informed and aware if we are to counter the abuses of sexually violent behavior in early childhood development.”

Dr Ayelet Giladi holds a doctorate from the Anglia Ruskin University UK, an MA in Sociology of Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has spoken at multiple educational, academic and corporate events including the Salzburg Global Seminar “Getting Smart: Measuring and Evaluating Social and Emotional Skills”; “Violence and Sexual Harassment” at The Israeli Supreme Court; and “Equality between the Sexes” for the City without Violence Conference among many other global citizen and sociology events that take place annually around the globe.

Why speak about sexual harassment among children?

Dr Giladi brings her research, teachings, real-world advice and personal experiences to adult audiences and helps us humanize and heal as individuals and communities so we may empower healthier experiences in the playground, the workplace and at home.

“My research identifies when the line is crossed when it comes to sexual harassment behaviours. In society today, very few adults, let alone children fully understand the phenomenon of sexual harassment and how these behaviours lead to sexual abuse and violence for boys and girls, men and women.”

Through inquiry, exploration and consultation with each association presentation, school workshop or corporate speaking event, Dr Giladi will:

  • Provide revolutionary research and thought-provoking information regarding sexual harassment through every stage of an individual’s life
  • Support men and women to avoid harassment taking place in the workplace
  • Educate educators on how to identify and cope with sexual harassment in the global education system
  • Lay down a new foundation for workplace culture, business ethics and thought leadership
  • Provide guidance on individual and family abuse scenarios and how to support the family into the future
  • Show how each of us has the power to enact meaningful relationships across genders and cultures
  • Bring life-changing skills and strategies for those who have felt the effects of bullying and sexual harassment.

From entry-level to executive override, Dr Giladi’s presentations are backed by her industry authority and years of on-the-ground experience regarding a universal subject which affects society from kindergarten to college, as parents and as businesspeople.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Speaker for your Next Event

“If an individual is feeling stressed, unsafe or out of control, it can affect everything and everyone around them. Sometimes their immediate team is too close for them to feel they can simply open a discussion about a taboo topic. Through my first-hand research and knowledge sharing I am able to connect to each individual in the group, understand what they may be experiencing and support them to meet and manage their challenges in new ways,” says Dr Giladi.

“My work is often pivotal for being preventative in nature. The group is able to identify red flags together, which could become bigger issues in the future if not handled appropriately, especially in the corporate workplace.

“I always work directly with the key players in any organization whether it is Human Resources, Principals of schools or Chairmen of the Board of large organizational bodies to replace some of these modern day complexities associated with sexual harassment, with a simpler and more proactive approach. Sometimes it is as simple as raising the topic of stereotypes or sexually bullying tactics.”

With almost daily news reports of workplace, school and sexual social abuses taking place, Dr Giladi will keep your audience engaged and agile on the relevant topic of sexual abuse and arm participants with dignity and gender equality guidelines so everyone may have a voice, be engaged and bring the best they can be to their environments.

If you are looking for new ideas, new voices and relevant paths to personal success for your teams, groups and social groupings which addresses all generations from Millennials to Gen Xer’s and Y’s, so you can benchmark success, then book a speaking engagement with Dr Ayelet Giladi and learn how to be resilient, resourceful, with insights into life-changing scenarios which will ensure you stay on the right side of the next #hashtag movement.

Listen to podcast here or email Dr Ayelet Giladi directly when you visit www.global.voiceofchild.co.il