Voice of child - How you can work with Dr Ayelet Giladi

How you can work with Dr Ayelet Giladi

Dr Ayelet Giladi has dedicated her life to the prevention of sexual harassment, the decrease of sexual violence within society and the promotion of the safety, welfare and wellbeing of every child around the globe.

As a researcher and consulting sociology educationist, Dr Giladi is today considered a global expert on the prevention of sexual harassment among children and adolescents.

Today, as founder and director of Voice of the Child Association, her extensive experience and educational programs for schools, parents and the community bring healing, learning and early childhood development through gender values.

Dr Giladi’s age-appropriate teaching methods neutralize negative power struggles in children and promote positive social power balances which create a safe and empowering learning environment.

With an extensive portfolio of experience into the prevention of sexual harassment in children, interested parties can work with Dr Ayelet Giladi in the following ways:

Kindergarten & School Programs

Dr Giladi works with Principals, teachers and educational facilitators in integrating Taking a Stand educational programs in schools. She is particularly interested in working with kindergarten and Grade 1 and 2 children.

Education Innovation

Dr Giladi works with national Education Departments and Ministries, Universities and Teacher Training Colleges to introduce self-empowerment programs into a country’s educational system to change the status and mindset of adults and children and to connect diverse cultures, people and communities. Private organisations within at-risk communities also have opportunity to become global facilitators of Voice of the Child programmes in collaboration with Dr Giladi.

Global Reach Project Initiation

Dr Giladi partners and collaborates with educational trusts, international donors and educational foundations within countries in Africa, Europe and the US to uplift local communities for entrepreneurship in training and dissemination of her learning programs for educationists, young children and adolescents.

Academic and Professional Speaking Engagements

Dr Giladi travels frequently to international conferences and academic events to share her research and program background with other research academics, professors and professionals in the workplace who are engaged in the promotion of healthy and empowered learning environments. She also presents at workshops and lectures at educational focused learning environments such as schools, colleges and universities.

Online Learning

Dr Giladi is author of the book ‘No Children’s Play – Early Childhood Sexual Harassment – Understanding, Coping and Prevention in the Educational System and Community’ which can be purchased here.