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How Voice of Child tools are changing the face of education

Bili Hareal is the chairman of a Women’s Community that prevents sexual harassment in Yokne’am Moshava Israel, who understands how important the ‘Taking A Stand’ program is. The community has been using the program for 2 years for children at the age of 5 in kindergarten. All parents and kindergarten teachers were exposed to the Voice Of Child tools before the children did, to create the same language between them.

They believe that the mind of a child is like a blank slate, and therefore whatever they are taught from their early formative years will be taken into adulthood. Working with Voice Of Child tools, they managed to create brilliant programs and started teaching children the basic lessons they need to develop a good character within themselves and to start thinking about the way they relate to others. This comes from understanding three key pillars: respect, empathy, and gender equality.

They managed to achieve this through funding received from their local municipality and they look forward to expanding the program beyond what they currently have. They believe that the Voice of Child Association is one of a kind, as it seeks to help children examine real-life situations and learn how to deal with them as they play. The tools have helped them teach children a new language of behavior that they can carry and implement well into their adulthood.