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How is Biosphere Education brought to life in schools?

Biosphere Education has become a priority for a Plagim school, located in a Kibbutz in Israel. The Vice-principal has taken the principle of caring for the space we live in for generations to come and implementing the strategy in all her classes.

She initially struggled with motivating the teachers in her school as it was difficult to identify the subject, but through perseverance, she managed to develop Biosphere Education into something that they could find relatable. This led them to implement four key principles: the principle of open spaces, community, man and the environment, and the relationship with the environment. The principles were broken down further into learning subjects for each class, which made it relatable. The school aims at respecting one another, as well as the environment. Twice a year they host a Green Day that aims at assisting the students in understanding their environment. The school believes in sharing, loyalty, and respect, from person to person and to the environment. They have started initiatives such as a second-hand school shop, and tours within their community to connect and know their environment and community.

Vice-Principle, Plagim School Israel

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