voice of child - How can the post lockdown classroom become a bully free zone B ullying in classrooms

How can the post-lockdown classroom become a bully-free zone?

In this video, Dr Ayelet Giladi explores the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has on bullying among young learners. Months of lockdown has meant that children, who would normally spend most days at school with their teachers and peers, have had to attend online lessons from their own homes. Some of these children find themselves in negative home environments where they are exposed to inappropriate behavior that they themselves might pick up.

With the opening up of schools and commencement of contact learning, comes the potential for children to bring these behaviors into the classroom and allow them to manifest in the form of bullying and harassment of their peers. The question on many parents and teachers’ minds are: how can this bullying be prevented? Dr. Ayelet Giladi answers these questions as she explores how the “Taking a Stand – Big Time” program aims to facilitate constructive communication with children to prevent bullying in the post-lockdown classroom.

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