No Children’s Play – Early Childhood Sexual Harassment

Understanding, Coping, and Prevention in the Educational System and Community

Sexual harassment among adults is widely covered by media, researched and treated. However little is researched, treated and spoken about when it comes to the beginning of the phenomenon at an early age and adolescence. This book examines the initial age of sexual harassment among children, and how the phenomenon evolves among children and adolescents as a form of an innocent “game”. The book offers a wide outlook on bullying and cyberbullying as well as sexual harassment and presents ways to prevent and deal with these behaviours within the educational system at an early age. Dr. Giladi exposes games, violence and exertion of physical power during gender role-playing games by presenting cases from the education system and examines when the line is being crossed and the games turn into sexual harassment. Dr. Giladi offers tools on how parents can become active in certain situations in their children’s lives. ​

For the first time, the book addresses the matter of sexual harassment among LGBT community and raises important questions regarding children’s education: According to which social messages are children being educated? What will happen to harassed children once they become adults and educators?

Voice of Child - Sexual Harassment