Dr Ayelet Giladi, an educational sociologist, counsellor, and pioneer for the prevention of sexual harassment among young children is the founder and director of the Voice of Child Association. She teaches courses and workshops that focus on enabling young children with the tools to prevent violence and sexual harassment. To meet the challenge of parenting in an age where parental authority is being constantly challenged by the pervasiveness and influence of social media and the internet, Dr Giladi has founded and directed the parenthood academic program with NCJW at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This academic program develops strategies at a national and international level to address this issue. Previously, Dr Giladi had served as a general and academic director and researcher of early childhood education programs at the NCJW research institution for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As well as a professional member and academic advisor at JDC Joint Israel and a national HIPPY Director in Israel.

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“The rise of the Me Too movement has sparked conversations surrounding the prevalence of sexual harassment at a scale we’ve never seen before,” said Dr. Giladi. “This marks a positive shift towards acknowledging the problem and taking decisive steps to not only alleviate but eradicate it. The efforts made so far aim to educate people of all ages and backgrounds on sexual harassment, and encourage them to speak up against injustice, without fear, hesitation or perceived shame.”

Recently she has been nominated to be the Israeli country leader for Childhood Education International organisation.

“I have dedicated my work to provide children in the early stages of childhood – that means children at about the age of 5 – with the tools they need to identify sexual harassment. I have made it my mission to boost children’s emotional and social skills and communication with the goal of ensuring that they will be able to say no to situations that make them feel uncomfortable. It is important to teach children to respect and appreciate their body, their will and their autonomy, and bolster their confidence so that they can express themselves when something is amiss.”

Dr. Giladi holds a Master’s degree in educational sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She lectures in the Kibbutzim College of Education, in schools and in the Supreme Court in Israel on how to identify sexual harassment through a seminar and research course. She is also the author of Sexual Harassment – No Children’s Play, a book that focuses on identifying early childhood sexual harassment, understanding and coping with it,  and the prevention of the phenomenon in the educational system and community. This book sheds light on the intricacies surrounding children’s sexual harassment, its prevention, and the societal approach towards the matter. 

Dr. Giladi hosts various workshops to help raise awareness on the issue and train teachers and educators on how to identify the signs of distress expressed by children that are the victims of sexual harassment while they are playing. 

Dr. Giladi has been invited to speak on her field of expertise in various educational institutions and corporate venues all across the globe. She lectures about identifying, preventing and raising awareness about children’s sexual harassment in a series of exciting lectures, seminars and workshops.

We work in a three different levels


Increasing awareness of the phenomenon of sexual harassment amongst children through lectures and workshops for parents, educators, social workers, and psychologists.

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Encouraging children and educators to think and behave differently.


Globally, VOCA is regarded as the expert body for the prevention of sexual harassment amongst children from kindergarten through elementary school.

Voice of Child - Sexual Harassment

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